Theme: Back to the Future

Expanding on the success of the inaugural Dublin Guitar Symposium 2017, this event will gather some of the most distinguished and highly regarded scholars and musicians of the classical guitar.

Over the past twenty years or so an explosion in classical guitar research has been gradually redressing the balance for what James Tyler described as a ‘neglected’ instrument. It is now understood that musical practices, and to some extent the study of musical practices, of the classical guitar are technically, aesthetically and culturally mediated by the instrument. The theme of the Dublin Guitar Symposium examines this interface across a broad range of musical activities and perspectives.

This conference presents the most important recent trends in classical guitar research broadly divided into two areas: contemporary and historical perspectives. The first broaches issues such as performance studies, organology and the compositional process; the second examines such critical areas as repertoire stylism, improvisation and performance practice, and so forth.

Day 1 will comprise a retrospective of the guitar including fields such as performance practice, ancient instruments, and historical repertoire.
Day 2 focuses on contemporary themes such new music for guitar, new approaches to the instruments and contemporary guitar making.’

Call for Papers
Deadline: Friday 19 October, 5pm

Conference Committee:
Eoin Flood, Conference Chair (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
Marco Ramelli, Program Chair (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
Morgan Buckley (Carlow College)
Kerry Houston (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
Matthew Mazanek (Royal Irish Academy of Music)

Conference Advisory Committee:
Damian Evans (DIT Research Foundation for Music in Ireland)
John Feeley (Independent)
Maria McHale (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
Michael O’Toole (Waterford Institute of Technology, Royal Irish Academy of Music)
Adrian Smith (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)